Creating a House Cleaning Routine For Outstanding Results

Who does not want to be surrounded by a cosy, tidy home atmosphere? Are you wondering how to create a house cleaning routine that works just fine for you without you having to set yourself up for failure? Many of us have thought about the perfect strategy at least once. Luckily, this article is to show you that now it is possible to create that schedule and it is so much easier than you may think. We can help you go through a daily plan to clean your precious home in a way you can notice. With little assistance, you can have a tidy, decluttered home. Shall we get started?

Here, we will show you how to create the perfect house cleaning routine that works great for your place and you.

How to Create THE Cleaning Schedule

No matter the season, many of us are looking for a way to make some changes and refresh their lives and… homes. Be it anything from starting a diet or attending yoga classes to creating a cleaning schedule. Quite often, in our eagerness to change something in our routine, we rush into a number of projects without any hesitation only to find ourselves overburdened with tons of tasks and given up quite too soon.

The right way to get started, at least when it comes to creating a house cleaning routine that suits your needs, is by taking your time to think and plan in details rather than rushing in.

1. Set your own cleaning standards

Have you ever asked yourself why you need to clean your home? We are not talking about the need to deal with stains and clutter. What we actually mean is that you have to be clear to yourself why you want your place to be neat and tidy. Are you doing it for your family and you? Or probably you are simply doing it to meet some other standard? Or out of boredom?

Sponges and Towel
Out of personal experience, we have come to the conclusion that a great number of people are stressing themselves by the pursuit of full perfection. You probably know what we mean: not a bit of dust on the shelves and furniture, every other surface shining, beds made in the morning, always. We have heard stories from colleagues about a man who could not remove a little stain from the carpet so he threw the piece away. Or, another woman who could not leave perfectly straight lines with the vacuum cleaner as her mother can.

What we mean is that before you sit down to create your cleaning schedule, you need to know why you are doing it. Do you try to meet your own standards or somebody else’s? If that little stain does not bother you, neither does the perfectly parallel lines, if you do not feel like the perfect cleanliness is a must, if you do not think that your home should always be ready for a magazine photo shoot, then stick to that type of standard.

2. Decide which areas and rooms matter most

Many of us have a specific place in the house we have to clean regularly so that we can make the most of it. For most of our colleagues, that is the kitchen and their bedroom, two rooms they spend most of their time when they are not at work. Maybe for you that is the living room or the bathroom.

The idea is to choose a room or two where you will spare a little effort every day to keep it in spick and span condition, while the other rooms and areas in the property get weekly care to meet your standards.

3. Evaluate your free time

Table ClockUnfortunately, we are all limited to only 24 hours a day which sometimes are far from enough to spare them for all the things you want to get done. To live a life you enjoy, you also have to spare time for doing more enjoyable things, which means you do not have to spend all of your non-working hours doing the housework.

Do you only have a spare hour Monday through Friday but plenty of time on Saturday and Sunday? You will probably want to create a routine that allows you to handle your two important rooms in your free hour on the weekday while dealing with the rest during the weekend.

4. Choose the right approach

How do you usually clean? Room by room, or task by task? There are people who would rather do all the dusting on one day, doing and folding laundry the floors the next, vacuuming the third, and so on. However, there are people who prefer cleaning just one room at a time and we are one of those people. We simply believe that it does not make any sense if your carpets are vacuumed but the room itself is still cluttered. It is the reason why we recommend doing a weekly cleaning in each room.

Think about which approach you prefer.

5. Set your daily routine

Apart from cleaning your one or two important places, there are a number of tasks that should not get neglected or put off for other days. Emptying the trash, for instance, or washing the dishes. Think about the bare minimum of tasks you want to take care of on a daily basis. Remember, that doing the specific chores on a daily basis will take less time once you get into the habit.

6. Set the schedule

Cleaning organizer
If you have finally committed to getting your home in a spick and span condition, then try to make it official. What do we mean? Add the cleaning chores to a calendar. You can simply note that Wednesday is the day when you do the dusting, or you can make an appointment with yourself. The idea is to be committed.

As we usually do the cleaning room by room, we have set up a reminder to do the chores and we also have another reminders for the weekly chores.

7. Stick with the schedule but be flexible too

The naked truth is that nobody actually sticks to the cleaning routine all of the time which is absolutely fine. Maybe you are too busy at work, maybe you get sick. Or, maybe you just do not feel like doing the chores when you want to relax. Do not feel worried, life happens. It is nothing to be ashamed of.

If you were honest with yourself when you had to decide your kind of standard, then you have to realise that taking a day or more off is actually part of that standard. Congratulations! There are so many things you can do to enjoy yourself than having a gleaming home all of the time.

Keep in mind that there is no award for having the cleanest home in town! Since it is not the Olympic Games, try not to push yourself! The important thing is to be committed!