After Builders Cleaning

After Builders CleaningMany people do not take into account the aftermath of their home renovations and end up with a house covered in debris and industrial dust that they cannot deal with.

Our company is offering you a special cleaning service designed for this kind of a cleaning job. Book our professional after builders cleaning service to help you bring your home back in order!

Our company is based in London and we can deliver our professional after builders cleaning service to everyone in the area.

We will help you restore the hygiene and glory in your home! Place your trust in us!

Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaningfrom £20 /h
After Builders Cleaningfrom £20 /h
Regular Cleaningfrom £19 /h
  • Careful and attentive to details employees
  • Nature-friendly cleaning products
  • Easy booking
  • Friendly staff, openly answering questions

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    Cost-effective After Builders Cleaning Services in London

    What we offer you is a cost-effective after builders cleaning service that will quickly remove all traces of the renovation.

    Here are some additional details about our cleaning company:

    • We are a trustworthy and experienced professional cleaning services provider
    • Our after builders cleaning service is customisable and available everywhere in London
    • We have a reasonable price list, no hidden costs or sub-charges
    • We are punctual and loyal, we work according to your busy schedule
    • Our cleaning specialists have been background-checked, they are skilled and trained
    • The cleaning products are not included in the price
    • There are two payment options – cash and bank transfer

    You can feel free to call us and get a free no-obligation quote right away. We are a company that has a very convenient customer service as well. What is more, our after builders cleaning service is performed by a team of experienced and competent cleaners who have been trained to pay attention to details.


    1. Do I have to pay the parking fees?

    As the parking is not included in the total sum of the cleaning services, We do require customers to organise the parking or pay for it provided that there are any fees.

    2. Do I need to be at home during the cleaning?

    We do require the customer to be there before the cleaning job in order to provide access to the property, and at the end of the service in order to inspect the job.

    3. Do you provide services during the weekend?

    Yes, we work 7 days a week.

    4. Can you collect the keys if I am not at home?

    Yes, our cleaners can collect and return the keys.

    Our checklist includes:

    • cleaning floors from any paint or plaster
    • cleaning windows, window sills, frames
    • disinfecting and sanitising the toilets, basins, showers, tubs and tiles in the bathroom
    • dusting and wiping drawers, cabinets, cupboards and countertops
    • mopping the floors
    • vacuuming the carpets
    • dusting all areas and surfaces, including pieces of furniture
    • making sure that the entire property is dirt- and dust-free
    • removing cobwebs
    • Competent After Builders Cleaning Service
    • Our after builders cleaning service includes removing of all grime and stains, layers of industrial dust that always manages to get into places you would not think to clean, removing of glue and paint splatters, etc. Our cleaners can clean the room that has been renovated or they can clean your entire house – our service can be customised to your own liking. Our team will wipe down all surfaces and remove dust from every nook and cranny (including radiators, skirting boards, ceilings, window frames and sills, etc.)
    • Our prices are very affordable but please note that customers are supposed to provide a parking spot or pay for it.
    • For a comprehensive, reliable and affordable after builders cleaning service in London, call our company now.

    What customers think about our after builders cleaning service:

    I do not know what I could have done without your help. Thanks to you the industrial dust is finally gone!

    Now I can enjoy my renovated home to the fullest. Thank you so much for being so patient and hard-working.

    I booked your after builders cleaning service last week and I can still smell the fresh aroma. You did a wonderful job cleaning my refurbished home.

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