End of Tenancy Cleaning – A Student Checklist

end of tenancy cleaning students checklistEvery tenant has one very important task before vacating the rental – to thoroughly clean the place. If you are into cleaning, then you might have kept the unit clean and tidy throughout your tenancy, but if you are here reading this then you probably have not.

What if we tell you that the move-out cleaning does not have to be a stressful experience? Let us help you do it the right way. The best way to tackle the end of tenancy cleaning is to take on the unit one room at a time.

Use our checklist because this will help you ensure you are not missing out any important areas which could result in you forfeiting your deposit.
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Do landlords have to clean between tenants in London, UK

landlord-and-tenants-cleaningIf a tenant has rented a property and is about to move in, the landlord must make sure it is clean and presentable. If the property was rented out before, the previous tenant should have performed a move-out cleaning and hand over the unit in a good condition.

When you move into a new home, you would like it to be clean and healthy, right?
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How Much does Deep Cleaning Cost in London, UK

deep cleaning advicesThere are a few factors which determine the price of your deep cleaning service. Whether you own a rental and want to prepare cosy environment for the new tenants or you are moving out of such for another one, it is of great importance that you leave a clean place behind and for that you may have to book a professional cleaning service so that the experts can take care of the necessary things.

So when you decide to hire an expert cleaner, next you have to find the best one and also the one whom you can afford to hire.

To find the best price for your deep cleaning service in London, you have to understand what exactly that service provides. Is a carpet cleaning also included or will you have to pay extra for it?
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Can a landlord charge tenants for cleaning in London, UK

Updated on January 7th 2021

tenants fees act 2019Without a shadow of a doubt, the end of tenancy cleaning can be a stressful experience, for both tenants and landlords.

Surprising or not, tenants leaving a rental in a poor state of cleanliness is a primary reason for deposit deductions.

It is why it is of great importance for tenants to do an end of tenancy clean and leave the property in as good or better condition as stated in the move-in report.

A lot of housing contracts are filled with clauses that state the tenant is obliged to professionally clean the unit before moving out. However, it is his/her decision whether they will do the cleaning themselves or hire a cleaning specialist.
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Can I do end of tenancy cleaning myself

fast end of tenancy cleaning tips lady cleaningAs you know, cleaning your rented unit before moving out is of great importance if you want to collect your security deposit.

Unfortunately, the whole moving out experience can be pricey, so without a shadow of a doubt cleaning yourself, instead of booking a professional end of tenancy cleaning service is a lot cheaper option.

However, there are some things you need to have in mind if you are planning on doing the move-out cleaning yourself.
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