How to clean your earbuds

Everyone is leading busy lives nowadays. Whether you catch a train or spend long hours working at home or in the office, earphones will be your best friends. These small tools help you enjoy your favourite tunes, podcasts, and news. They are certainly an irreplaceable part of everyone’s everyday life.

If you wear your earbuds on a daily basis, however, you may notice that at some point, you cannot hear all the funky beats from that song you love listening to. The reason for that most probably is ear wax – either in your ears or in your earbuds. While the wax is completely normal, and even healthy, for your ears, it is not good for your earbuds.
Whenever you are listening to music, heat is produced by your body. This heat melts the wax and helps it get into all the tiny places. That will cause sound distortion, will attract soil and grime, and worst of all – will look disgusting.
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Removing Orange Juice stains from clothing, carpets and upholstery

Orange juice is the ultimate favourite juice for so many people. Whether you juice oranges yourself or you buy them from the market, it is sweet and refreshing. However, orange juice may leave behind unsightly, bright stains that may seem nearly impossible to get rid of.
In fact, the acidic nature of OJ can not only leave behind bright orange spots, but also bleached patches. Once it is exposed to sunlight, it will act as a bleaching agent and cause permanent discolouration to your clothing.
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Cleaning gardening tools and maintaining them in great condition

Whether you are a professional gardener or just someone with a green thumb, you know how important it is to keep your tools in a good condition and clean. Regularly cleaning your gardening tools will ensure that your garden receives the proper care it deserves. Each tool is important for your success as a gardener and the life of all plants living under your wing.
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Forgotten cleaning tips that deserve more pt.3

Believe it or not, your grandma was also using cleaning tips. Even though the times have changed, you can still use those same tricks to clean at home. Most of them use natural ingredients you already have at home and will spare you the money and the trip to the supermarket where you will buy commercial products, full of toxic harsh chemicals. Here are some golden cleaning tips and tricks from the past that will get your house maintenance game to another level.
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Cleaning silk without damaging it

Silk is a luxurious and beautiful fabric that can be used for many fancy garments. You may be surprised to learn that you can remove stains and wash silk apparel using common household items. The idea is to utilise gentle approaches and avoid using heat. While hand cleaning is always advised, some silk items can be machine washed on a mild cycle if placed in a protective mesh bag. Before you begin, check the label of your item to ensure it is washable silk, and never use a powerful stain remover or bleach on any type of this delicate fabric.
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