Terms and Conditions


When a customer requests a quote, the cost is estimated using the standard size of a room. Fast End of Tenancy Cleaning London keeps the right to make changes if the Customer changes their requirements or if the property itself requires it.

Included Services

Our end of tenancy cleaning is a fully guaranteed service. It comes with a 48-hour guarantee after the service has been delivered. In case you are not fully satisfied with the outcome of our end of tenancy cleaning or it does not meet the requirements of your landlord, our professional cleaners will return to to re-clean.


Once the cleaning is finished, it is required of the Customer to pay immediately, unless there is a written agreement between both parties stating otherwise. The payment (cash) has to be handed to the housekeeper right before leaving the unit.

If according to the agreement between the Customer and Fast End of Tenancy Cleaning London a cashless payment will be made, this has to happen no later than one day before the scheduled cleaning appointment. In case the money is not transferred in advance, our company keeps the right to cancel the appointment.


If the Customer demands on canceling the cleaning appointment, he or she has to notify us at least a day earlier before the appointment. In such case, the cancellation is done at no additional costs.

Fast End of Tenancy Cleaning London keeps the right to refuse to make a cleaning appointment if it somehow poses a risk to our housekeepers. In case of an accident or other unexpected circumstances that concern the assigned team of housekeepers, an appointment cancellation will be made as well.


Once the cleaning session has been completed, we do not make refunds. If the Customer is not fully satisfied with the end results, he or she has to send a written notice to our company within 24 hours after the completion of the job. If there are some complaints, an inspection takes place so that the problem can be sorted out till we provide the full satisfaction for our customers.

Before having a third party to deliver the cleaning service, the Customer has to let Fast End of Tenancy Cleaning London to investigate the premise, so that the areas which have not been satisfactory can be designated.

Our housekeepers always work with utmost care. However, no matter how careful they are during the cleaning sessions, accidents may happen. In case an item gets broken, we can replace it. Still we request that the Customer keeps away the valuable items before our team arrives.

Fast End of Tenancy Cleaning London keeps the right to necessitate an access to the unit within 24 hours after the claim so that we can take care of the problem. We are not responsible for any damages occurred before the appointment. We also do not take the responsibility for stains and burns that cannot be fully removed.

We will do anything in our power to deliver a high quality cleaning session. Unfortunately, heavy duty stains and trouble spots cannot be always left in a perfect condition once the cleaning is completed.

If possible, we require our customers to defrost the freezers before the cleaning takes place. The Gardening service we offer does not include collecting of waste. If there are pieces of furniture present in the property during the cleaning session, we cannot guarantee the outstanding outcome.


It is the customer’s responsibility to provide electricity and running water. In case there is not any water or electricity in the property, we charge a fee of £60.

Fast End of Tenancy Cleaning London requires access to the property. The keys provided by the Customers have to lock and unlock all of the doors, effortlessly, or we will charge a fee of £60.

Regular Cleaning Services

The Customer is required to pay cash after the completion of the job.

If a Customer is interested in meeting our housekeepers before the cleaning session, we charge a fee of £10 due to time and travel expenses.

It is the customer’s responsibility to provide the cleaning products and tools.

Regular clean ups are delivered at the same day and time on a weekly basis. We do not make any changes when it comes to rescheduling an appointment.

If the customer wants to cancel an appointment, he or she has to do it at least 24 hours in advance. If he or she does not notify us in advance, we charge the full price of the cleaning service.

The regular cleaning session lasts for 2 hours (if it is on a weekly basis), or 3 (if it is on a fortnightly basis).

The Customer has to provide access to the property.

Guaranteed Services

Please, see below what is included in the End of Tenancy Cleaning:

1. The cleaning products and tools are provided.
2. The price includes all taxes, with no additional charges.
3. The service comes with a 48-hour guarantee.

Please, see below what tasks are included in the service:


– Remove greasy marks and grime
– Wash bare floors
– Dust and wipe all kitchen surfaces and worktops
– Clean appliances
– Clean and shine sink and taps
– Dust and wipe drawers and cupboards

Bathrooms and Toilet

– Disinfect sanitary ware
– Wash floors
– Wash mirrors and glass surfaces
– Clean bathtub, sink and showers
– Clean tiles

Bedroom and Living areas

– Vacuum carpets and wash bare floors
– Clean door frames, knobs and window ledges
– Clean skirting boards and radiators
– Wash windows (inside), mirrors and glass surfaces
– Dust and wipe all pieces of furniture and surfaces
– Dust picture frames

Please, see below what our carpet cleaning service includes:

– Moving the pieces of furniture and other items which stand in the way of our cleaners
– Pre-treating any heavy duty stains and high traffic area
– Deep Steam Cleaning
– Deodorising the pieces

All of the machines we use are top of the range 400psi steam and hot water extraction ones. The method includes injecting of how water and strong chemical into the carpet. Then, most of the moisture (95%) is extracted from the piece. Usually, it takes about 2-3 hours for the piece to dry entirely.

We can assure you that the steam cleaning is very efficient. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the full removal of old stains or such which have been previously treated by the customer.

Please, have in mind that we keep the right to change the price if the size or condition of the property/carpet differ from what we have been told.

If the property cannot be deep cleaned in an efficient manner, we keep the right to amend the price or cancel the appointment on the same day without warning

In order to deliver a quick and efficient cleaning session, we would like to share some of our requirements with u:

Freezers have to be defrosted prior the appointment. Otherwise, we will not be able to entirely clean it. The Customer must also provide running water and electricity.

We cannot guarantee the positive outcome of our end of tenancy cleaning service if there are still personal belongings and people in the property during the cleaning session.

Please, know that wall cleaning is not included in the end of tenancy cleaning service.

Feel free to contact us any time convenient for you on one of our numbers in case you need to change something about your booking, or you need to more further information.

Minimum Charges

Please check our minimum charges for some of the services:

Gardening – minimum of £50
Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning – minimum of £48
One-off Cleaning- minimum of £36 and 3 hour’ duration

There are discounts for those services which are priced above the minimum. There are no discounts for services led on an hourly basis.

Our company is not responsible for cancellations done due to unexpected circumstances which we are not dependent on.

Once the cleaning session is done, we do not accept any refund claims.


By booking any of our cleaning services, you agree to be notified about our promotions via email or by the phone.