Privacy Policy

Information That You Share

When you make a registration on our website, you are required to provide your name, address and phone number. If you make a purchase, you choose whether to do it as an anonymous user or log into your own account.

Protection of Personal Data

Providing the maximum security for our customers is what we aim at. A highly professional data protection team works at our company and always does everything in their power to provide a safe experience on our website. Thanks to applied number of proven security methods, we can guarantee the prevention of any unauthorised access to our users’ personal data.

The Use of Cookies

The term ‘Cookies’ defines a type of message, sent by a web server to a web browser. Cookies can distinguish and even identify users of the website and save their information if they allow it. Cookies are often referred to as the internet identification card which makes the interaction between the website and its users quicker and much easier thanks to the option to have their information saved.

How Do We Use Information You Share

We can assure you that we do not reveal any of your personal data. This, however, cannot apply to reliable parties that also take part in the website’s process. To put your mind at ease, such kind of third parties also agree to our privacy terms and conditions.

Internet Privacy

According to our online privacy policy, the collected information on the Internet is confidential. Besides, information which is shared offline is not included.


Our users agree to the terms and conditions we have and are familiar with our privacy policy.

Changes To The Privacy Policy

In case of any changes of the terms of our privacy policy, these changes will be updated on the website so that our users can see them.