Forgotten cleaning tips from the past that deserve more pt2

Cleaning tips are nothing new. Everyone running a household deserves help to maintain their properties in clean, good condition. Nowadays, many things have changed – we have new tools and utensils and store-bought solutions can be found anywhere. However, some people prefer a more natural approach when it comes to cleaning. We will share some old-school cleaning tips and tricks to help you do that.

Get rid of glue
If you have some glue spills or residue left on a surface anywhere in your house, worry not! Grab some vinegar and rub the glue stain with it. It works as a great glue thinner. For more prominent, older, or stubborn stains, dip a cotton ball in vinegar and place it on the glue. Let it sit for a few minutes, then use a plastic scraper or an abrasive sponge to get rid of all the glue.

Fizzy solution
If the stainless steel utensils and kitchenware you have at home have lost their shine and have become dull, this is the perfect solution for you. Gather all stainless steel tools that need shining, and fill a pan halfway with bubbly carbonated water, soda water, club soda, or seltzer. Set aside until the fizz has gone away. Your stainless steel will look brand new!

Brush the dirt away
If you have some items or areas with a lot of detail and hard-to-reach spots, you may have a hard time cleaning them. Take rattan furniture, for example. Dirt will collect and build up in those little nooks and crannies and getting rid of it will require lots of time and effort. To easily do that, grab your favourite cleaner, spray it on a brush and use that to remove all grime.

Get rid of ink
If you have little children at home, you probably know how much they love drawing. Once they decide to use walls or clothing as a canvas, there is no stopping them. If that happens, do not freak out. Rubbing alcohol will help you get rid of crayon marks on wooden floors and wallpaper, as well as ink from various surfaces, including clothing.

Peanuts to the rescue
If you have gum stuck on your fingers or hair, grab a bit of peanut butter and gently rub it into the gum. Let it sit for a few minutes, then rub the gum away. It is oily and will help loosen the gum and make it easier to get rid of.

Outdoor washing
If you work in your garden or garage often, you are probably used to having dirty hands. To quickly clean up, use this tip to make things easier, and avoid touching items around the house with your dirty hands. For quick garden cleanup, tuck a bar of soap into the toe of a nylon stocking and attach it to your outdoor water faucet.

Rusty concrete
If your outdoor furniture left some rust stains on your concrete patio, soap and water may not work. You can easily remove those by rubbing them with half a lemon and scrubbing them with a linen cloth. The lemon juice will help dissolve the rust and make it easier to get rid of.

Self-cleaning grill
If you have a lot of grease buildup on your grill, spare yourself the time and effort, and do not attempt to clean it. De-greasing your grill is as easy as leaving it outside overnight. Throw it on the lawn and let it sit there until the morning. The morning dew and the enzymes from the grass will help dissolve the buildup and you will be able to clean it in no time. Use this tip for greasy oven racks as well.

Get rid of all the dust

If you have a lot of dust in hard-to-reach places, do not worry. Grab a sock and slip it on a fly swatter. Sew it securely and use that fantastic tool to reach the tops of your cupboards, behind furniture, and other items, as well as all areas that you cannot usually get to. You can replace the sock if it becomes too grimy but the best part is that you can simply remove it, wash it, and put it back on.

Wash those walls
If your walls need refreshing but you don’t want to spend hours and hours rubbing and scrubbing them, grab a paint roller and your favourite wall-cleaning solution. Use the paint roller (one with a telescopic handle would work best). Dip the roller in the cleaning mixture, wash your walls, then rinse with plain water. It will work much faster than working with a sponge.

Hair spray mess

If you are vain and you often get ready in front of your vanity mirror, you probably know that it is not uncommon for hair spray to get on your mirror and leave stains. If this happens to you, grab a cloth and some rubbing alcohol and wipe away the mess with no effort.