Cleaning, preserving, and storing your wedding dress

Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days in your whole life and your dress will undoubtedly be a big part of it. If you decide to invest in a nice dress you will want to keep it for the rest of your life to preserve the good memory and maybe even pass it down to your daughter. If you, in fact, spent a fortune on a gorgeous gown you will want to keep it in good condition. The most important parts of making sure that your wedding dress is in good condition are certainly cleaning it and storing it properly.

An expensive wedding dress is usually made of fancy materials and fabrics and has a lot of details, and embroideries. The correct preservation method is important so that they all stay intact. Keep reading to find out how to properly clean your gown and store it in the best way possible.

Cleaning your wedding dress the right way

Even though the dress may seem delicate, it will go through a lot during the reception. If you have a white dress (or another light colour), which is very likely, food, drinks, and dancing will have their impact. That means that cleaning the dress after your wedding is absolutely necessary. A clean dress will make its proper storage easier. The details on the gown, however, can make the cleaning process difficult. Keep reading to find out how to do that efficiently, and without causing any damage to it.
The most important thing is to proceed with caution. Always check the care label of the fabric and follow it. It will tell you what is recommended and what is not. If it says “dry cleaning only”, bring it to a professional and avoid attempting anything on your own. If you wore your gown only for the ceremony and had a different outfit for the dinner and party, you can most likely get away with only spot-treating.

Do not forget your bouquet, shoes, and veil

Once you clean your wedding gown, do not think you are done. The ensemble would not be complete without your beautiful shoes and bouquet. If your shoes are made of fabric, you will be able to easily remove scuffs and marks using a mild detergent and some water. If you wore shoes made of leather, wipe them with a damp cloth and give them a fresh polish. Once you clean them, wrap the shoes in acid-free paper and store them in your wedding dress preservation box or in another safe place.
To keep your bouquet intact and beautiful, press the flowers or coat them in wax and hang them in a bag.

How to preserve a wedding dress

If you are willing to spend a few more pounds on professional wedding gown preservation, you can definitely do that. However, keep in mind it will not be cheap. This professional service includes steam cleaning the dress with special products that will not only clean it but also help preserve it in great condition in the long term. This will prevent yellowing, oxidation stains, mould, and other damage. After it is cleaned, your dress will be put in an acid-free preservation box. The same methods are used in museums, so you will know for sure that your dress will stay beautiful for a long time.

How to store a wedding dress

Of course, not all brides will go for the professional preservation service. If you are not willing to spend another small fortune on that, here is how you can store your dress in the best way possible and avoid damage. Simply putting it on a hanger and placing it between other clothes in your closet will not do the trick. Hanging a heavy gown may distort its shape and allow the elements to damage its fabric. The answer?

A waterproof chest or box

A large clothing bag will also do the trick but it is much better if you invest in a nice chest or a box. Make sure it is waterproof so moisture cannot get to your dress. Wrap your dress in a pre-washed white fabric and gently place it in the box. Keep the chest/box in a dry, cool place and it should be good.

An acid-free box

The delicate nature of your wedding dress will not allow you to store it in a zipped plastic bag, for example. You should ensure breathability because otherwise moisture will occur and damage or discolour your gown. The best way to store your wedding dress is certainly an acid-free box, similar to the ones used by professionals. With your gown freshly cleaned and well-preserved it will remain beautiful and healthy for the next generations to come or for you simply to look at and enjoy from time to time.