End of Tenancy Cleaning Greenwich

For many years, our company has specialised in offering excellent cleaning services across Greenwich. End of Tenancy Cleaning is one of our most popular cleaning services. We were able to perfect this service thanks to our years of expertise, and we now fully understand the demands and interests of all parties involved. Our skilled cleaners know how to tackle any duty and thoroughly transform the property into a spotless area that meets any standard.
This is made possible not only by the highly experienced cleaners, but also by the high-quality tools and equipment they employ when executing this service. If you want to book the end of tenancy service, please contact us by phone or email. You will be provided with a free quote.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

Studio Flatfrom £89
One Bedroom Propertyfrom £145
Two Bedroom Propertyfrom £165
Three Bedroom Propertyfrom £189
  • 48 hours guarantee service
  • Clean appliances
  • Clean and disinfect toilet, sink, bidets
  • Clean bath and shower area
  • Remove dust from shelves
  • Remove all grease and grime where applicable
  • Clean inside/outside your microwave, oven, fridge/freezer

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    Booking the End of Tenancy Cleaning and what should you expect

    Once you make an appointment for our high quality End of Tenancy Cleaning, a group of experts will be sent to your location. They will come prepared with high-quality materials and tools, as well as a thorough checklist of all the jobs that need to be completed on the property. This enables us to guarantee that nothing will be overlooked. We want to please both landlords and tenants, and in order to do that, certain requirements must be met.
    The two rooms in the house that accumulate the most dirt are the bathroom and kitchen. They will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, as well as all other surfaces throughout the home. Vacuuming and spot treating will be done on the carpets, furniture, and beds. You can be sure that we will succeed and you will receive your deposit back from your landlord.

    End of Tenancy Cleaning – checklist:

    General cleaning

    • Dust removal
    • Cobweb removal
    • Window cleaning
    • Vacuuming of upholstery and carpets
    • Hardfloor cleaning
    • Wall cleaning
    • Decluttering and cleaning of shelves and cupboards
    • Rubbish removal
    • Disinfection of frequently touched surfaces and areas
    • Window cleaning (upon request)
    • Steam cleaning of upholstery and carpets (upon request)
    • Appliance cleaning (upon request)

    Kitchen cleaning

    • Dust removal
    • Degreasing of all surfaces (splashbacks, tiled walls and cooking areas)
    • Scrubbing and washing of the sink and taps
    • Cleaning and sanitisation of basic kitchen appliances
    • Countertop cleaning, polishing, and disinfection
    • Cleaning and degreasing of your kitchen extractor
    • Decluttering and cleaning of kitchen cabinets
    • Table and chairs cleaning and disinfection
    • Disinfection of frequently touched surfaces (taps, light switched, and handles)
    • Deep oven cleaning (upon request)
    • Deep refrigerator cleaning (upon request)
    • Floor vacuuming, mopping, and disinfection (wood, tile, stone, and other materials)
    • Window cleaning (upon request)

    Bathroom cleaning

    • Descaling, scrubbing and disinfecting the toilet and its seat
    • Washing, polishing and disinfecting the sink and taps
    • Descaling, polishing and disinfecting the shower, its taps, hose and head
    • Removing soap scum and hard water stains from all tiled surfaces
    • Cleaning and disinfecting the bathtub/shower cabin
    • Drain unclogging and cleaning
    • Decluttering and cleaning of bathroom cabinets
    • All mirrors and glass surfaces – washed and polished
    • Countertop cleaning and disinfection
    • Mould and mildew removal
    • Grout cleaning
    • Stubborn stain and odour removal
    • Disposing of rubbish
    • Window cleaning (upon request)

    Bedroom cleaning

    • Dust removal
    • Cobweb removal
    • Decluttering and cleaning of wardrobe, cupboards and drawers
    • Closet cleaning and disinfection
    • Vacuuming of mattresses
    • Vacuuming of carpets and upholstery
    • Steam cleaning of mattresses, pillows, and large comforters (upon request)
    • Steam cleaning of carpets, upholstery, and curtains
    • Wall cleaning
    • Window cleaning (upon request)
    • Cleaning and polishing of shelves
    • Cleaning of mirrors
    • Disinfection of light switches, door handles, remote controls and other frequently touched objects and areas

    Questions we often receive about our End of Tenancy Cleaning Service

    How long does the end of tenancy cleaning service take?

    That depends on the size and overall condition of the property. The service does not have time limitations and the team will stay as long as needed in order to thoroughly take care of everything that needs to be done. For larger places, we will send a bigger team. Usually, for a 1-bedroom property the approximate time would be between 2-3 hours, and for a 3-bedroom property between 3-4 hours.

    Is exterior cleaning of the windows included in the end of tenancy cleaning service?

    While this job is not included in the end-of-tenancy cleaning service, we can include it in your pack. If you need your windows cleaned on the outside, do not forget to inform your booking agent when receiving a quote. Give them detailed information about the number of windows you need to be cleaned, as well as the height they are in.

    Will I receive some papers or documents that state that my property was professionally cleaned?

    Yes, we will provide you with a receipt that will say when your property was cleaned professionally.

    Can you come to clean my place during the weekend?

    Yes, our cleaning teams are available every day of the week.

    What should I do before the cleaners arrive at my place?

    The first, and most important thing is that you remove all your belongings from the property. Not only will that help the cleaners reach all places and areas and clean everything more efficiently but you will also ensure that no one will enter the house after the cleaning has been finished. Another important thing to remember is to defrost your refrigerator and freezer at least 24 hours prior to receiving the service.

    Can you deep clean my carpets and upholstery?

    Yes, even though the thorough cleaning (deep cleaning, shampooing, and steaming) of carpets and upholstery is not included in the price. If you would like to add this service to your end-of-tenancy cleaning, do not forget to mention it to your booking agent prior to booking. The cleaners can steam clean all carpeted surfaces, curtains, and upholstery for an additional charge. *When combined with the end-of-tenancy cleaning service, you will receive a 20% discount on the deep cleaning of carpets and upholstery service.

    Do I need to provide the cleaning products and equipment or do the cleaners come prepared?

    No, all cleaners performing the services in our company come fully equipped with everything needed for the particular task. They use the best equipment available on the cleaning market. The products we work with are high-quality professional brands. They are all eco-friendly, biodegradable, non-toxic, and completely safe.

    Call us to request a custom price for our End of Tenancy Cleaning depending on the property size

    We believe that everyone deserves help when it comes to cleaning. This is why we made sure all our services are affordable and easy to book. Whenever you decide to schedule a End of Tenancy Cleaning, a personalised price will be calculated especially for you. Since each property requires different tasks to be performed, you will only pay for what will be done at your place.
    Whenever you call our customer service agents, you will be asked for some basic information (size and number of rooms, furniture, etc.). Your booking agent will take all those into consideration and estimate a price for you. You will receive a free quote.

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    All members of our cleaning team have been well-trained for the particular tasks they perform. You may rest assured that they know exactly how to approach any issue, stain and grime in the best way possible. Rest assured that all tasks will be thoroughly performed and you will be able to satisfy all of your landlords’ requirements.

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    The amazing End of Tenancy Cleaning that will be tailored to your personal needs

    The tasks that will be performed on your property will be specifically chosen to suit the needs of the house. You are able to add or remove any of the listed jobs. If you wish to go the extra mile and ensure the complete satisfaction of your landlord, you can add steam cleaning of your carpets and upholstery, as well as the deep cleaning of your oven and refrigerator. Make sure you let your booking agent know for any personal requests that you may have so they are able to include them in the task list that we provide all cleaners.

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    Read some of the testimonials left by clients of ours that chose to book the End of Tenancy Cleaning

    I could not have asked for better results. The team was extremely thorough and professional.


    The team arrived on time and did everything as promised. The whole place is immaculate and I have zero complaints.


    I booked the end of tenancy cleaning service with this company. The team of professionals that arrived was friendly, thorough, and efficient.


    I recommend this amazing company for its end of tenancy cleaning service. I managed to receive my deposit back and my landlord was extremely happy.