Tough things around the house made easy

Stains, spills, squeaky hinges, accidents of all kinds, and a bunch of other things happen daily in a regular household. Some of them require a simple wiping. However, others may cost you time, effort, and a lot of cleaning products and tools. What if we told you that things don’t have to be so complicated?
There are many valuable hacks you can use and in this article, you can find some of the best ones. We will talk about cleaning, fixing things, and other valuable tips and tricks to help you resolve any issue quickly and efficiently.

Dropped something down the drain? Here is how to retrieve it.
No matter how careful you are, small and sometimes expensive items may end up down the drain. If you dropped a ring, an earring, or a screw, a magnet would help you get it back in no time. Grab a small magnet (it must be able to freely fit down your drain). Tie it at the end of a long string and put it in. Once you feel that the item got stuck to the magnet, pull it up very slowly – that way you will ensure the item does not fall back inside.
If that did not work, conifer using a stronger magnet, since some items may be too heavy.

Super glue removal
Super glue somehow always ends up everywhere. If you got a lot of it spilled on your hands or on the object you are trying to piece together, it is best to act immediately and prevent the glue from hardening. Once it is dried, the glue may become extremely tough to get rid of. Soak the item with the spilled glue in warm water. While the thing is soaking, grab a nail polish remover (make sure it contains acetone). Nail polish remover will help break down the adhesive agents in the super glue and you will be able to get rid of it. Once it turns white, just peel it off.

Open your bottle with ease
If you really want an ice-cold beer, use a cut in half tennis ball to twist open the cap. If you struggle with opening a sticky jar lid, or a stubborn twist-off cap, grab one of the halves and place it on top of the cap. The rubbery inside of the ball will secure the grip, while its soft exterior will protect your hands and reduce friction.

The power of steam
Commercial cleaning products certainly work quickly and efficiently. However, more and more people nowadays are trying to avoid the use of strong chemicals and potentially toxic products. If you also want to reduce the number of dangerous ingredients at home, this trick is just for you. To clean your oven, for example, place an oven-safe bowl full of water inside the oven and set it to 200-250 degrees. Let it sit until steam fills the inside of your appliance. Turn it off, let it cool, and once you are done with it, wipe down the interior. All grease and grime will come off along with the condensation.

Fix dents in wood
If you have a dent in a wooden surface, grab a washcloth and dip it in plain water. Wring it out so it is just damp. Place it on the affected area. The wood will become wet, and that is the point. Next, grab your iron, set it on high, and start moving it back and forth on the cloth. Press down and continue doing this until the washcloth is completely dry. As the wood is getting wet and warmed up, the fibres will raise up and level with the rest of the surface.

Get rid of the splinter in your hand
Splinters in your palms or fingers are not uncommon, especially if you work with wood. If you get splinters on a daily basis, you know how annoying it can be to get them out. To spare yourself the effort and the pain, grab some wood glue. Spread a bit on the area of the splinter, and let it dry completely. When it is dry, pull it out gently in the opposite direction of the splinter. It should come out right away.

Clean a cast iron skillet
When cleaning a cast iron skillet or pot, it is best to avoid using soap. That way you will prevent rust and help extend the life of your skillet. Use a tablespoon of coarse salt to scrub it after using it instead. The salt will break down food and grease and act as an abrasive. When done, toss the salt away and rinse your cast iron with hot water. To further protect it, wipe it dry with a soft cloth, and rub it with a couple of drops of vegetable oil.