Efficient Cleaning: Step-By-Step Guide

For better or worse, we live in a dynamic world where it is quite unusual to start your morning routine with making a to-do list which may occupy most of our time till we get back to bed. Surprisingly or not, doing the chores around our household is often at the bottom of the list, if it makes it onto the list as a matter of fact. Where does doing the housework fall on your list? Is it even there? How often do you clean? Do you find it hard to be on top of the cleaning duties? Is it hard for you to find enough time and desire to meet your own cleaning goals?

Being Committed is Key

Whether or not you decide to resort to booking a professional cleaning service, it is of great importance to know how the professionals do the job. Many experts dedicate a specific time frame to doing the chores that leaves absolutely no extra time for dawdling. The housekeepers come to the property fully equipped with the right cleaning equipment. They are coached to follow a checklist that leads to a fast and focused outcome. If thorough and effective domestic cleaning is the main priority for you, we offer you commit to the exact same standards. The housework must not get ignored if you want to be sure that you are surrounded by a clean and healthy home environment.

Shall we get busy cleaning? Before you roll up your sleeves, first things first. Make sure to mute your phone and turn off your internet connection. Shuffle your favourite songs and let’s get down to do some cleaning. Are you ready?

If you ever had a professional cleaning service, then you should know about the cleaning up around the place before the cleaners come. You may ask why you have to do it for the housekeeper? Like it or not, one of the necessary steps in the efficient house cleaning is the preparation in advance. Trust me on this one.Most commonly used cleaning tools

I love to compare cleaning with painting (a room, for example). Do you wonder why? It is because it is just another task where preparation is of great importance. Just think about it. Have you ever go inside a room and start painting it? I doubt. First things first, you need to move or cover furniture, wipe down the walls, cover the floors as well, etc. You need to buy paint and brushes, change clothes and then it is time to paint the room.

The same applies to cleaning your home. You need to deal with the clutter right before you start to clean. As you begin, make sure to focus on the areas where dust and grime accumulate. You will see for yourself that cleaning is so much easier if you ensure everything has a specific place.

Efficient Home Cleaning

Once you have eliminate or reduced (at least) the clutter, it is time for you choose a strategy for the positive outcome of your cleaning. Here are a few strategies you can benefit from:

Area Cleaning

Concentrate on just a particular zone each day. Do not compromise on quality! You must not forget to clean the baseboards and wash the floors, too. Remove cobwebs, clean picture frames, ceiling fans and light fixtures. If you have enough free time, you should also consider washing the curtains and vacuuming the furniture. Once you are done with these, vacuum the carpets, too.

Task Cleaning

Instead of concentrating on a particular room or zone each day, do one chore such as vacuuming, dusting or ironing throughout the place before dealing with another task. One step at a time!

All at once

If you have enough time and desire to tackle the entire house in just a day, great. If you follow these house cleaning tips, you will be able to tackle the cleaning in even quicker manner.

Regardless of your preferences, it does not always have to be so hard to squeeze the cleaning routine in your to-do list.

Set a Schedule

No matter which cleaning strategy you choose, it will help you make a list.

Embrace the spreadsheet

Whether you concentrate on just a specific area or a task, you need to choose on what basis each chore has to be done. There are only a few important chores which have to be done on a daily basis. Most of the chores, luckily, can be done on a weekly or even a monthly basis. Such a spreadsheet can help you break the duties down so that you can squeeze the chores into your daily routine without you having to sacrifice all your time.

Spare your time for special projects

Make sure to spare time for doing unpredictable chores such as fixing drywall.


Most probably there is somebody else in the house who can help you with the chore unless, of course, you live alone. Assign your children or partner some tasks and you will see for yourself how quickly the chores can be done. Many hands make light work, right?

My Ultimate Cleaning Guide

The golden rule of cleaning? Like we mentioned in our post with the most common cleaning mistakesTop to bottom, left to right! Remember! For each cleaning task, make sure to start at the top point in the room and move from side to side across the room. If you follow this rule, you can be sure that you will not miss a detail and you will not have to clean the same areas twice.

Step 1: Dust the Place

Make sure to dust every room, without forgetting to dust the topsides of furniture, picture frames, knick-knackery, TV and PC screens. To remove fingerprints, simply dampen a microfiber cloth with some warm water.

Step 2: Take Care of Furniture Fabric

Go through your home and strip the beds, laundry the blankets, neaten the pillows. Vacuum the pieces of fabric furniture with the right vacuum attachment.

Step 3: Wash the Windows and Other Glass Surfaces Perfectly clean bathtub

Wash the mirrors and windows throughout your home. To avoid unpleasant streaks, use one wet and one dry cloth.

Step 4: Clean the Surfaces

Make sure to wipe down all of the surfaces around the house, including the counters. If necessary, disinfect as well. Do not miss to clean all of those areas that fingers touch such as light switches, door handles and knobs.

Step 5: Clean the Bathroom and Kitchen

Let’s get it done. Simply walk through and spray detergent on toilets, sinks and tubes. Leave the cleaner do its magic for a few minutes and then scrub the areas. Then, while in the kitchen, do not forget to clean inside of the microwave, appliances, drawers and cabinets.

Step 6: Clean Floors

Sweep, mop and scrub the floors in your home. To be sure that you get every corner, many people do the floors on knees and hands, using a microfiber cloth and detergent.

Step 7: Vacuum the Entire Unit

Do not worry, it is not so vital to vacuum every inch of the pieces because you will get the spots you missed next time.

Remember that you can always turn to a professional cleaning company if you do not have the time to spare for cleaning on your own.